Flowers and their hidden meanings

Flowers are beautiful and no matter how bad your day has gone so far, somebody you lobe walking up to you and giving you a bunch of flowers is something that will bring a smile to your face and immediately make everything seem so much better. Flowers also come with lots of hidden meanings and symbolism in addition to the fact that they are really pleasing to look at. Here are some of the most popular flowers today used for expression of various emotions that come from what they symbolize.

The flower of love and affection

It is a well-known fact that roses speak of deep love and affection. It is the one flower that is celebrated and exchanged the most on Valentine ’s Day and on any other occasion as a token of endearment. If there is anybody that you love and anybody that you care about, roses would be something that you will definitely think of giving them. Roses also come in different colours so if you are going to get look for where you can get romantic bouquets Singapore made, you should choose the red rose. Light pink colour roses are a symbol of innocence and sweetness. They would make for the perfect gift for somebody’s sweet sixteen celebration. White roses are symbols of purity, chastity and innocence. They are the perfect choice for weddings. If you have a best friend that you want to surprise, give them a bunch of bright yellow roses.

The flower of purity and refined beauty

Liles have been long thought of as flowers that carry the spirit of refined beauty and purity in many cultures around the world. They make for beautiful nosegays that would congratulate somebody on their anniversary or some other kind of milestone. White lilies will represent modesty in general however orange lilies are symbols of passion.


If you were thinking that roses are the only flowers dedicated to expressing love, you were wrong. The beautiful yet much underrated tulip symbolizes perfect love. You may give roses to your love of one year but if you and your partner have been through a marriage of a decade with ups and downs and if you are both still together and in love, give them tulips to symbolize that they are your perfect love.

Bright like the sun

Sunflowers are just so positive and cheerful, they make everything seem alright and they immediately make everything around them beautiful. They speak of dedication, adoration and love and they are best way to say congratulations to somebody. Even if that is not the case, simply giving somebody a bunch of sunflowers if you think they need cheering up will work really well.

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